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Dr David Treherne

It’s my job, and my passion, to help you comfortably upgrade your dental health so that you might enjoy the safety, reliability and feeling of well-being that the best modern dental ‘engineering’ and my 30 years of experience has to offer.

And when I get it right, recent research suggests I may even help improve your chances for a longer life.

Free Initial Consultation

At Melbourne Dentist we understand it can be tough to decide who to place your trust in when considering a new dental practise.
For most of our patients it’s the personal relationship that’s developed with all practise members that helps ensure stress free dental treatment.
Knowing this, we offer a free initial consultation with our treatment co-ordinator and dentist.
At this visit you will see the practise, meet the team and discuss any issues you have, treatment preferences, needs and wants. You will:
  • Get a feel for the practise.
  • Find out who we are and if you’re likely to feel confident and comfortable with our services.
  • Determine if we are the right fit for your and your families dental needs.
  • Discover more about the services we offer to help with your dental issues.

If you then wish to continue with us, we can offer you one of the most comprehensive assessments available.

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I’ve always taken an interest in jobs that involve skill, design and artistry. From a young age I was also fascinated by the field of science.
When I started dentistry, I knew I’d made the right choice. I realised that it was the perfect combination of many of the things I loved.
Dentistry allows me to problem-solve and be creative with my hands. Through dentistry I get to help people in a meaningful way every day.

Dr David Treherne.


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